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Working with Nature's magic

Who we are

Aloelle are small-batch skincare creators and flower growers led by Elle Miles. 


Citrus Ritual

Developed for over 9 years, we've created a blend of plant extracts that can promote healing for mind, body and soul. This is an all-over body moisturiser for the everyday, particularly good after a day out in the sun.

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If we are what we eat, it stands to reason that our largest organ, designed to protect should be aided in it's exposure to our pollutant filled world. We've blended some of the best plant extracts to enhance your skin's natural abilities in the current climate.

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Rich in botanical essential oils we've chosen scents known for their refreshing or calming abilities. Our intention is that they create a moment to be fully present with your body, give your mind a break and give your soul a smile.  

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We as humans would benefit from more simplicity and that belief spans our range.

Our skincare products each serve at least two purposes so, fewer things to think about replacing.

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Our relationship with ourselves has the ability to positively affect our relationship with the world around us. Cultivating rituals of relaxation provides a deep sense of being in the now. We want everyone to feel they have the permission to have slowness when using our products.


Skin Replenish

A smokey, floral scented butter that's handy to keep in your bag to soothe chapped lips and dry hands, minor cuts and abrasions and help heal new tattoos.


Hand-crafted skincare using the magic of nature

Aloe Vera is the hero ingredient in both of our products because of her healing properties. We combine it with citrus and floral botanical essential oils to transport and immerse you in nature,  

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"...I cannot get enough of your Citrus Ritual body cream. It's the most glorious product I have ever used. The smell is heaven and the fact a small amount goes a long way makes this product worth every penny. I want to buy more and introduce my friends. Can't think of a better present from Mother Earth. Thank you."
Vaneta Greer


“We are often more tender to the dead than to the living, though it is the living that deserve our tenderness the most”


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