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Aloelle is a collective of small batch skincare producers and flower growers, led by Ellie Miles.

Nine years ago, Elle  started to blend aloe vera and jojoba oil. Rather than continue to use corporate brands, she wanted to work with nature to produce a moisturiser for herself.


While working as a chef, Elle expanded her knowledge of mixing and blending different ingredients and flavours.  Using this experience, her quest for a moisturiser developed and, by the inclusion of essential oils, enhanced the product for both mind and body.  Further opportunities arose, when working in the kitchen garden of a country house hotel, she learnt to grow the ingredients she was already using.


When the pandemic hit, Elle became the hotel's flower grower.  Learning to grow from seed and cuttings became the catalyst for deep change.  She realized that the nurturing of plants gave her joy, at a time of increasing difficulty, and that their properties would enrich her product.  Using old jam jars, she started to give the moisturiser as presents to friends and family.  Responses were positive and resulted in further purchases.


As a collective, Aloelle wishes to develop further.  If you are an organic grower in the UK, interested in growing one or more of our crops, we would love to invite you to become part of Aloelle.

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Thanks for getting in contact, we’ll get back to you shortly. Elle x

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