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  • Are you 100% natural and organic?
    We use organic ingredients where possible. The aloe vera gel has trace elements of chemical preservatives that ensure its shelf life.
  • How long do Aloelle products last?
    From point of blend, we give 6 months to every Aloelle product, you’ll find this on the base of your jar. We recommend that you store your products at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures will alter the state of each product.
  • My Citrus Ritual has split/is lumpy, what should I do?
    If Citrus Ritual gets too hot, either in the sun or by a radiator, it will split. Let it return to room temperature and, with the lid screwed on tightly, shake the jar well. Citrus Ritual can be kept in the fridge but will firm up in consistency and small lumps could appear. These are the fats solidifying and will melt into the skin upon contact.
  • My Skin Replenish has melted, what should I do?
    Always try and keep your pot of Skin Replenish at ambient temperature. If left in direct sunlight or by a radiator, it will melt. Let it return to room temperature with the lid firmly screwed on, shaking every so often.
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